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April 2023

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Guest Speakers Amber Jackson, Fayetteville Menstrual Dignity Program, and Katie Clark, Arkansas Period Poverty Project.

Arkansas’ poverty rate is one of the highest in the nation. According to Talk Poverty, our state ranks 47 overall, and 48 for children experiencing poverty. Many of those children are young girls, and those girls are living through period poverty. But what is period poverty?

Studies show that one in five teens will miss class due to lack of mensural products, and one in ten women in university are struggling to afford these products. Additionally, millions more unexpectedly start periods without access to products. Lack of access to period products means women and young girls will resort to using unconventional items, such as newspapers, toilet paper, rags, etc.

We are excited to welcome Amber Jackson to share about the Fayetteville Menstrual Dignity Program at Fayetteville Public Schools. Also joining us will be Katie Clark, founder and organizer of the Arkansas Period Poverty Project. Just like toilet paper and soap, pads and tampons are basic hygiene necessities. However, they are not provided in school bathrooms, creating educational barriers for students with periods.

Both of these groups distribute these products to schools, so that students do not have to worry about where their next tampon, pad, or liner comes from.

Please join us on the 4th Tuesday of each month for our Washington County Democratic Women Monthly Membership Meeting. Meetings are hybrid with the option to attend in person or via Zoom. Social time begins at 5:30 and the business meeting is called to order at 6 pm. In-person meetings are held at the Hyatt Place, 348 Van Asche Drive in Fayetteville.

This month, WCDW is asking members to donate menstruation products, either in-person at our monthly meeting, or online at the link below.

This month's resources:

Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement, by Nadya Okamoto

Period. End of Sentence. Directed by Rayka Zehtabchi

Recorded Presentation:



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