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July 2023

Updated: Aug 22

In Arkansas, nearly 73,000 beneficiaries were kicked off of Medicaid in April. About 75% of that group were removed from the system because of paperwork issues, like failure to return renewal forms or other requested information. More than 25,000 kids in the state lost their ARKids benefits.

Arkansas Community Organizations is an affiliate of the Center for Popular Democracy that is made up of five staff members and about 300 due-paying members. Together, the group fights for social and economic justice in Arkansas by advocating for access to health care around the state.

Join us July 25 at the Fayetteville Public Library (or on Zoom) as we hear from Al Allen about Medicaid Unwinding in Arkansas and the advocacy efforts by Arkansas Community Organizations.

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This month's resources:

Arkansas Times Article: Arkansas Community Organizations advocates for those losing Medicaid coverage

Kaiser Family Foundation: Medicaid Enrollment and Unwinding Tracker

Politico Article: Thousands lose Medicaid in Arkansas: Is this America’s future?

The Center for Popular Democracy: More Medicaid, Better Medicaid: Dismantling Barriers to Healthcare in the United States

Recorded Presentation

Slides from the presentation are available as a pdf.

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